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As children, we were avid listeners of the tales our grandparents recited to us. As we grew up, so did their anecdotes. We remember them telling us how their mothers, grandmothers would make different types of foods and beverages which were not only healthy but great in taste too.

If you ever wondered how they would have tasted, we will bring to you the answer. Kelzai Naturals - An all-natural range of premium mixers based on the recipes of the times bygone.

Our mixers are crafted with lots of love, care, respect and a modern twist to suit the present mood and lifestyle. At Kelzai, we believe a healthy body and healthy mind helps you lead a happy life. Each bottle of Kelzai Naturals is made with all natural flavours. Born in the Sahyadri mountain range and trickling through layers of volcanic rock, every drop is enriched with minerals making it a wholesome experience.